Poems from a Texan

Only God keeps them




What happened to my autonomy?

I have escaped into a new monotony of routine.

A life I have always wanted.


From my chaotic existence

fears of being disease ridden.

amphetamine nightmares

and demonic eunuchs

telling me fables while hitting a pipe reminiscent of the orient.

my innocence long gone.

tortured by need to nurture

like an animal I urinate in place.

yet I am normal.

they know not my secrets.

only God keeps them.

poem by Mardaweh Tompo


At 25

It always feels different,

That feeling of your heart melting

and you being happy to find someone who understands,

but you learn that nobody can ever know you including yourself.

so you live onward afraid of to tell

for secrets become your kin.

love seems like a sin when you’re guarded from your own existence.

is it really living?

this feeling or are you reeling back from heartache?

it always seems the same yet you break in different ways.

Open again.

to joy of laughter comes from the experience of pain.

so nothing is in vain.

Poem by Mardaweh Tompo

Sonnet for Yemaya


Flow through the world.

Virginal you’re mary.

Immaculately cleansing everlasting in your daring 

And I on your bosom melt as you nourish the existence of our plane.

Loving again destroying you liberate 

In the sky as the moon.

Bringing everything in tune 

Poem by Mardaweh Tompo

Sinner and Saint

I tried to do it alone. 

Thought faith wasn’t commitment but empty words. 

Nothing to rely on but myself in this world. Til I hit walls sometimes other people. 

Experienced hate, pushed through evil. And I prayed. Prayed and didn’t understand. Exposed to every negativity from consciousness of man. My plans. Were sketches causing vexation heart rate beating through my chest doctor’s can’t fathom my enchainment. . Everything from a to z a mystery to me. Could not tell the difference til I broke down what happened. 

Came out here to be a star vying for an angle. Now I found my angels. No longer me but something greater. In that I am humbled.

Slept on the streets,

Lived in a tent.

Raped by a man I taught how to create.

Fired by my community,

Health fears in dreams reverberate through my mind.

But I yes, I survive.

I am sinner and saint united.

Lied to and ignored by those who I call peers.

Yet. I never dissapear. Neither do they.
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo


Had a vision,

A world reclaimed from the cynic,

Disparate harrowed thoughts being moved to remission.

Who we kiddin’?

Non sensical topical insanity.

Proud of our inanity.

Hiding from humanity.

Claiming to tell stories of privilege 

Calling them universal.

This is the rehearsal of death of the artist as a man.

Activism saves the wandering souls enslaved to corporate dalliance.

Artivist. My heart is all parts of it.

In it I am healed.

Poem by Mardaweh Tompo


‚ÄčTale of two realities.

You don’t see the myth that makes a fallacy.
Wrapped up in a world you can not comprehend you make the sin of jousting with fire you can not stand.
Burning you cling to the warnings of those who are before you.
Clinging to hollow truths you know not what to do.
Writhing in the pain of those you sought to debate.
You escape through fear yet call it hate to the same cowards you imimitate.
In that you are a martyr to an empty fate.
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo


I. Walk into the moment.
Unafraid of the day. For the night has awakened my prayers. I am where I want to be by seeing who I’m meant to be. No great things can come to be if you hang on listlessly.
We strive.
I shine.
Each and every moment I live to thrive.
God holds my vision so I can walk ny faith.
One footstep at a time.
I smile.
I await
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo


Everything I wanted is coming to fruition.
I am at a distance from who I was the dissident
So much to say
Free yet caged
Blank page filled with words.
Mumbling of an artist rising to the front
I hated to lead for I had no one to follow growing up.
Stayed on the sidelines now I am in the cut of something,climbed the mountain stationary
Reality is falling at my feet
Is that poetry?

I ask god for guidance
He sends me mischeif makers.
Who create circumstance that resurrects his favors.
Active prayers I call them.

I am spewing my heart out because I need you to listen.
Not hear me,
But heart me.
And so I should stop talking.
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo

Queen of hearts

Greatness is the gratitude of standing tall on the wings of angels who have done what we felt we could not do.
I merely flow in their current as god guides me through
I am nothing but a speck connected to a greater truth
I am thankful to be alive.
To serve a force that brings harmony to life
To accept the sacrifice of a true king by allowing the spirit within to sing.
I am thankful to be who I was born to be
No longer a jester. I became a queen without subjects.
Power is my heart
Force is wisdom.
Weapon art.
Gift from God
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo

Flowers in spirits

I met a rose and a little prince.
Guided by a flow only to be described as innocence.
I met a rose and a little prince.
Joyfully,painfully crashing towards reality out of dreams.
Growing in sync away from fear to peace.
They climb towards nirvana.
Gliding through samsara.
Finding home where they roam.
In their soul’s they aren’t alone.
Poem by Mardaweh Tompo